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Eli Kopter- The Mosad Agent Real Identity Revealed

הרב שי טחןכ אייר, תשפד28/05/2024

a thought comes to mind. Is the Israeli invisible agent with supernatural powers named "Eli" the same as the God

A French TV channel recently fell for a viral hoax, reporting a rumor that Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi had been killed by an Israeli agent named "Eli Kopter." This fictitious story originated from an account linked to Hamas' military wing, which falsely claimed on the Telegram channel "Al-Qassam Correspondent" that an Israeli Mossad agent was behind a helicopter crash in Iran's Bam Rural District.

The misinformation quickly spread, even though Iran has stated that the cause of the crash was severe weather and not sabotage. The crash
occurred in foggy, mountainous terrain in Iran's East Azerbaijan province and resulted in the deaths of all eight passengers, including Raisi and Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian.

The hoax gained traction after the Hamas-affiliated channel initially accused the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service of being responsible. However, it was soon debunked, with the state-run IRNA news agency reporting the crash without mentioning any foreign agents. The viral joke fooled many, including an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, but it has since been clarified as baseless.

However, those who observe current events can't help but conclude that these rumors are accurate, asserting that "Eli Kopter" was indeed the pilot involved. It is interesting to note that this pilot seems to act every time the Jewish people are at risk or being threatened. The latest incident occurred while the Iranian president was meeting with the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. This meeting was believed to be focused on expanding Iranian influence in the region against the state of Israel.

After the meeting, the president took off in a helicopter, which shortly afterward crashed due to harsh weather conditions. It is believed that foul play was indeed involved, carried out by the Israeli agent reputed to maneuver a helicopter into foggy or stormy areas undetected.

This incident also occurred just a few short weeks after a massive Iranian rocket attack on Israel.
Further investigation into this agent reveals that he possesses extraordinary abilities, including the talent to create fog around the helicopter as it flies. This advanced technology and skill set are said to be unknown to other world leaders or intelligence agencies, leading them to mistakenly attribute the crash to adverse weather conditions.

The technology employed by the pilot "Eli Kopter" is believed to be so advanced that he can control not just the fog around the aircraft, but other weather conditions as well. How he achieves this remains unknown, even to those familiar with him and his abilities. The specifics of his methods are still shrouded in mystery.
Indeed, many experts dismiss these claims as a delusional myth. They argue that such abilities are implausible. The mystery deepens, as it is known who the actual pilot was, and it was not someone named Eli Kopter working for the Israelis. This has led some to speculate that the supposed pilot not only has supernatural powers but is also invisible. They claim that the visible pilot might not even realize that an invisible entity is actually in full control of the helicopter.

Sources also blame "Eli Kopter" for the sudden death of a Turkish politician who was delivering a venomous speech against Israel in the Turkish parliament on December 12. 2023. He warned Israel of "the wrath of Allah," but as soon as he finished his speech and curses, he suffered a massive heart attack on camera. The world was shocked by the instant retribution for his words.

Moreover, after the head of the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, sent a warning to Israel last Friday with the message, "Expect more surprises," "Eli Kopter" allegedly sprang into action. The next day, Nasrallah lost his mother. It seems implausible to view all these events as coincidental rather than the work of a mysterious hand retaliating on behalf of the Israeli or Jewish people.

It is interesting to read in our parsha (Bechukotai) that Hashem promises if we keep His laws, He will make the rain come down in its season, so the earth shall yield its produce and the trees of the field their fruit. In other words, Hashem tells us here that He controls the climate, the weather, the atmosphere, and all natural events on the globe.

Upon reading this, a thought comes to mind. Is the Israeli invisible agent with supernatural powers named "Eli" the same as the God of Israel who claims to control the climate and is the protector of Israel, who is also referred to as "Eli"?
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