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none jewish GF

הרב יניב חניא  יד שבט, תשסח  21/01/2008




i wanted to ask you please
i met this girl online a long time ago... she is going to convert but its going to take her a year i wanted to ask you i know if she is jewish and we decide to get marreid we should not be touching but i wanted to know as long as she is not converted are we allowed to touch? we are ok with it that once she converts there wont be any touching at all but till then does she have a din of a  nidah? or am i allowed to touch her?

so in other word may i have a girlfriend that is not jewish?

and yes we are planing that soon after she gets converted we will be getting marreid together

i am waiting for a reply ASAP

thanks so much rabbi



it is a big problem. touching or having a relationship with a goya is worse then
touching a nida.

one os not supposed to have any relations with none jewish girl.

but more then that- if the beith din will discover that you have relations and that she supposed to mary you after the convert, they aill have great problem to convert her, since you can convert "a woman for a man" and vice versa.

you"l have to wait, and to make your best to speed up the convert.